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I want to give my strong endorsement to Dr Caroline Smith for everything that she has done for me. I have been working now with her for about 9 years and I’ve seen a   markemougind difference in how I feel, how I look and how I perform in sporting events (and life in general!). Her knowledge of the body, nutrition and training…and her approach on how to work with them all together has greatly improved my health and well being. In addition, she has a keen intuition that helps to personalize all the advice and packages she develops for each client. Whether you are looking to up your game in sports events or just to live a healthier life, go see her…you won’t regret it. C. Mougin


I am so happy to say that my rash is going away. Yesterday afternoon I noticed a definite improvement looking a lot better this morning. Yay! Thank you so much for helping me figure out what to do – I was ready to cry after quitting almost all of the products that I use on my face with no change. The change of looking at it from the outside in to the inside out really shifted how I saw it and letting go of the frustration and stress (which I am sure did not help) feels great. The diet change is doing the job.


I had been battling an on again off again throat cough for about 6 months and was tired of the lack of real answers from traditional medicine. As usual, their only solution is to run a bunch of expensive test and then just prescribe antibiotics.

Looking for something different, I found Dr. Caroline Smith and decided to give her a try. Yes, there was a bit of a sticker shock on the hourly rate, but when I compared her rates to the cost of the lab tests and time spend at the doctors office, I figured it was worth a shot. Not really knowing what to expect, I went in, got the full body scan and then she went though a process to determine what supplements would work best. She ended up giving me a few supplements to take for about 2 weeks. By the end of the 1st week, my cough was 90% gone and at the end of the 2nd week, I had almost forgotten about the cough completely. I did realize that what was left of my cough was triggered by certain foods and I went back in for 1 more session. We did a workup on my diet, made some changes, added one more supplement and I started working on those changes. Within a month, my cough was gone and as a bonus, I was able to loose that last bit of belly fat.

Bill M.

Living life large – always climbing mountains

Bob L.

Thank you for speaking to the Team in Training group on Thursday. The fact that you learned all of this the hard way really hit home with most of my runners. Your credentials are incredible. The Leukemia Society of America is privileged to have someone with your talents come and speak to us.

Jane M. – Leukemia Society of America

Back in the front again thanks!

Laurie E.

Caroline is a very impressive nutritionist, athlete and speaker … Caroline can also relay the same information to a variety of audiences … Caroline has a lot of information and personal experiences to share with others wishing to improve their nutrition or athletic performance.

Kathleen B.

Not stopping because of our new child

Ellen and Gabe C.

Thank you for the work that you do your expertise and knowledge is truly a gift.

Heidi R.

This stuff works

Tom M.

Last spring I hired Caroline to help me recover strength … I use the program including the heart monitor prescribed by Caroline … I find Caroline to be as knowledgeable and inspiring in her field as any individual I have worked with and have proven the quality of her counsel.

Richard W. – Texas Women’s University

I feel good – my energy is back

Steve B.

Your guidance has been invaluable. I’ve lost 27 pounds since 1st starting to work with you on my health, diet and exercise. Its made such a difference in my energy level throughout the whole week and with my allergies.

Thank you so much for being such a fabulous nutritionist!! You’re the BEST!

Debra F.

Exploring new things

Joseph B.

You are exceptional in my book. I hope others have the same opportunity to restore health and vitality w your help.

Madelin A.

Dropped our weight and keeping it off

Dennis and Penn

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