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My Live Lectures on Downloadable MP3

I have made my lecture’s available for instant purchase and can be downloaded in an MP3 format that will allow you to upload to your favorite listening device.  The original lecture set has been broken down into three sets so you can buy any of the sets to meet your individual needs.  You can still purchase the whole set as a download at a reduced price of $82 (includes tax and processing fees) saving $25 over the CD purchase.

I have three sample tracks from my MP3’s so you can get a feel for what I am offering.

Sample 1  – This is a short biography about how I got into doing this work. The role that a picture taken when I was 20 of my mother, grandmother and I played in changing my course in life and my health. CLICK HERE to listen or right click to Download.

Sample 2 – Some questions to help you look at what you are doing with your food choices and how it might be affecting you. If you answer YES to any of these questions the MP3’s will be very helpful. CLICK HERE to listen or right click to Download.

Sample 3 – This portion starts the conversation around the metabolism. How eating and exercise are a part of the process and we can control these. This is a lifestyle of food choices and moving the body, it is not a DIET! CLICK HERE to listen or right click to Download.


To Order the Complete Set – $82 includes tax and processing fees.

(everything listed below)



SET  1 – The Big Picture- How Exercise, Nutrition and Water affect our ability to get healthy – $33.00 includes tax and processing fees.


Do you eat a meal and get bloated?

Do you eat a meal or snack and are ready to take a nap?

Do you find your crave sweets/sugar?

Do you workout consistently, but are not getting the results you desire?

Do you find you get sore often when you incorporate an exercise program?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, this MP3 can help you. Set 1 is the foundation that the others build on. It lays down the language of how exercise, nutrition and water affect our body’s ability to stabilize food choices to regulate insulin, reduce inflammation, allow us to rest/recover properly and give the body energy so that you feel like exercising.

Find out how to evaluate what you are presently doing in your exercise and nutrition program that is working and what is not working you can begin making changes. By blending good food choices properly and exercising at the right intensity, you will lose weight and body fat, eat more and get maximum efficiency.

If you hear something and you say, that’s me or get an “AH HA” moment, work with that piece until it is part of your behavior.

If you need to find out what your blood type is, CLICK HERE to Order Blood Typing Kit, or want to get the appropriate blood type diet book, CLICK HERE.

If you would like order a Heart Rate Monitor from my Amazon store, CLICK HERE.


SET 2  – Exercise Parameters and Variations Using Heart Rate  – $33.00 includes tax and processing fees.


Your best training tool is your heart. Using a heart rate monitor (CLICK HERE to order a heart rate monitor from my Amazon store) allows you to know when you are doing the right level of output. We can use body fat or stored sugar energy called glycogen when we exercise. Taking in the proper food choices/balance for our body and varying the output intensity, we can control which fuel we use and get better results.  (For more information on this topic, you can order MP3 Set 1)

If you are working out hard, sweating a lot from the head you are depleting your glycogen stores and this leads you to being tired, sore, fatigued, craving sugar and often waking up between 1-3AM. When you get done you are depleted and know you should eat but are not hungry. Once you do get hungry you wants carbohydrates and sugar, this leaves you bloated and tired. The next day to clear your body of this “bloat” you go hard again and this flushes the water being held in the tissues out but puts you in the same eating choice. This cycle sets up a “disordered eating” pattern.

A good exercise plan has base, tempo and intervals. There are variations in how you do them but your heart rate becomes the monitoring tool. You can do whatever activity you enjoy because you are using your heart as your training partner.  Rotating the days you go hard and easy along with the intensities can give you a well rounded program and better results. Listen to this MP3 to learn more about these factors.


SET 3 – Facts and Fallacies of Nutrition  – $33.00 includes tax and processing  fees.


Confused on what to eat?

Are you trying to wade through all the various media messages out there and are not sure what to believe?

Listen to this MP3 to learn some of the messaging the body gives you when you are balanced in your eating or not and what to do so you can shift it towards a better result. There is no one blanket statement that works for everyone. We must honor who we are genetically (blood type, body type and our metabolic profile) and learn to live in our bodies. If we listen to what the cues are on when and what to eat, then we can make appropriate choices for our body and get better results.

If you hear something and you say, that’s me or get an “AH HA” moment, work with that piece until it is part of your behavior.

If you want more information about the balance of nutrition, exercise and water purchase MP3 Set 1 (Order Above).

If you need to find out what your blood type is, CLICK HERE to Order Blood Typing Kit, or want to get the appropriate blood type diet book, CLICK HERE.

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