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Animal Care

Why do an Animal Scan?

Do you have a dog or cat that is not acting like its usual self?

  • Have you been to your veterinarian and they have run all kinds of test but not come up with a solution?
  • Is you animal scratching a lot?
  • Are you wondering if their food is good for them?
  • Is you animal on medications but doesn’t seem to be improving?
  • Maybe they are toxic.

The BodyScan evaluation off their fur/hair allows us to look at the whole picture. After running the data the top 100 imbalances are summarized and this is the data I work with to set up the customized dogssupplement/homeopathic schedule. If they are on medications, those are tested and figured into the package, with any toxic load being cleared. Feedback is given on an audio tape of the findings and sent with the handouts, instructions and appropriate bottles of support.

This process allows you to reduce the trial and error for finding the right food, make sure they are getting the proper support from the supplements (if applicable) that you are using and often shifts them quickly back towards a better balance in their body.

Often with animals they will adjust quickly and your pet may not need to stay on a regime for a long time. The time between scans may vary and sometimes one or two scans will reset them, depending on how long it has been an issue. Once shifted you let them go about their days as normal and if something else starts to show up get them back in for the next evaluation.

It is not uncommon for an animal to take on an owner’s health issues. I always look at the Flower Essence category for that reason. Copies of what shows up are included for the owner to read and if it does correlate to them, it can give some insights into their own emotional or health challenges they might be facing at that time.

I am not diagnosing but sharing the imbalances that showed up. We do not need to know when something is high or low in the frequency simply that it is out of balance. When working with customized homeopaths, the potency and dilutions that are assessed modulate the body. If a level is too high it will bring it down, if too low it will raise it up. Hence balance is achieved. It is important to make sure everything works as a synergy so the balance is not thrown off.

For more information on the Body Scan, (CLICK HERE).

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